Sights of Spring

On Friday, April 7, 2017, we went on a walk and saw many sights of spring. We found a lot of facts about spring. First, we saw many flowers blooming, an example would be the yellow Dandelions in front of the school. Then, we saw buds on trees and bushes showing us that their leaves were starting to sprout. Next, we saw ants on the ground going in and out of their holes. Finally, we saw a Yellow Jacket. It landed on Diana. Mrs. Moturi was worried that it might sting her, so Mrs. Moturi flicked it off and Diana was safe! Those are the reasons we know that spring is almost here.

This looks a lot like the Yellow Jacket that landed on Diana.


Created with images by prasongsom - "ants red ant climb the tree" • zdenet - "bee dandelion macro"

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