Bulldog Bucks a new way to take on the world

Liberty Christian Academy - Lynchburg, vIrgInia

Founded by Dr. Jerry Falwell in 1967 as an educational institution offered to parents who wanted to raise their children with a Biblical curriculum and a Christian worldview, Liberty Christian Academy is now the largest private school in Virginia. Not only is it recognized for a history of academic excellence, but LCA has also recently been admitted into the Virgnia High School League.

Blue Ridge Mountains are located in Lynchburg, Virginia.

With enrollment records reaching new heights every year and access to a completely new platform, it only makes sense that LCA take on new programs and projects to accommodate to the ever-changing atmosphere of the institution. According to VHSL regulations, students are required to present a student identification card at athletic events. The need for a more effective form of identification and payment throughout the school is evident.

Liberty Christian Academy can now compete in the Virginia High School League.

Liberty Christian Academy should adopt a program comparable to Liberty University's Flame Pass system. The "Flames Pass" owned by both students and faculty at Liberty serves as an ID card and a central method of payment around campus. The card uses a reloadable pre-paid card system called Flames Cash. If LCA were to use a system such as this one, it could potentially be referred to as Bulldog Bucks because the LCA student body is known for it's spirit and pride in bulldog nation.

Liberty University uses the Flames Pass for identification and payment.

Bulldog Bucks cards could be used at the library to check out books, print papers, or pay fines. This card could be used in the cafeteria to pay for lunches. It could also be used to sign in or out in the office.

Because the technology already exists and is being utilized by Liberty University's Information Technology Department, it would be a relatively easy process to enact within Liberty Christian Academy.

Liberty University's Information Technology Department is highly regarded around the country.

Adopting a system similar to Liberty University's Flame Pass system would enable Liberty Christian Academy to bring more overall success to the student body by creating a more organized system of identification and giving parents access to an easier central method of payment.

Benny the Bulldog is LCA's official mascot.
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Caroline Toman


Created with images by pictures of money - "Money" • yapsnaps - "Blue Ridge mountains" • JamesDeMers - "dawn morning mist blue ridge mountains" • DorotheasDesk - "blue ridge mountains virginia" • geralt - "book books bookshelf" Digital image. lcabulldogs.com. Liberty Christian Academy, n.d. Web. 13 Dec. 2015. Digital image. Liberty.edu. Liberty University, n.d. Web. 13 Dec. 2015.

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