A creed is a state of belief By cameron

" I believ in one lord Jesus Christ" by the nicene creed. What it means is that people believe in Jesus Christ. To me it means that Jesus is the only son of God

My creed

I believe that there can be world peace and everyone can help

I believe in friends and family

I believe in God almighty

I believe in Jesus Christ the only son of god

The message is: " the message of love is in the way I live my life and not in my words or deeds" by Paulo Coelho Adultery

What it means to be catholic to me is the believe in my religion. The religion with god that has one son Jesus Christ.

Bibliography: http://www.beginningcatholic.com/anointing-of-the-sick n.d. Viewed 22 November 2016, the bible scripture jas 5: 14-15 James 1976 viewed 22 November 2016


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