GTD2 Urban Planning Project Jordan Grabel


In regards to contributing to the construction of our city, Jimboland, my efforts have primarily been focused on the improvement of the river flowing right through our desert layout,. Also, due to having to construct dams, this has contributed somewhat to overall boundaries of the map.


My efforts have been much more widespread than last week, allowing me to focus my efforts on multiple projects in the construction of our great city. I assisted Coby in the building of the hospital (And subsequent reconstruction after an Ender Dragon attack, spawned by someone who I'd rather not name cough, MR. GRETZ, cough) I also aided Coby in constructing the various roads through Jimboland. Next, I was tasked with a solo mission; demolition of nearby mountain to allow for more room for future buildings. Upon completing these various tasks, I have self-assigned myself once more to the regulation of waterflow, which I believe to be able to complete in 1-2 days at the very most.


In terms of variety and activity, this last week has been tame compared to how widespread Week 2 was. I've focused my efforts in the building of a mall, and have subsequently have needed to offer my assistance in building more roads through Jimboland. The improvement of water supply has been completed as well in the estimated time frame.


To conclude my activities in the building of Jimboland, I have been responsible for:

  • Jimboland River and Dams
  • Many of the roads in the city
  • Building the Hospital (And subsequent rebuild, THANKS Mr. Gretz)
  • Mall
  • Apartment Building
  • Clearing space VIA destruction of mountain and Sand Temple
  • Lighting in Town Hall


  • Scenario: In the event the neighboring towns declare war on one another, where do we stand?
  • Response: Jimboland will remain neutral, but our borders are open to refugees looking to escape from the war (We've built a refugee camp and stocked up an armory in the event of attack).

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