Homelessness By Joanna rosales

Homelessness is everywhere.




People are forced to live on the streets. They are prone to violence from cruel people and they have no where to hide.


Some homeless people will try their best to make a living.

It can happen to anyone.
Homesslessness happens all around the world. Will it ever end?


Created with images by Marc Brüneke - "homeless" • Anne-Onyme - "homeless street sad woman" • eperales - "Under the bridge" • couragextoxlive - "Dreams End" • gladatony - "homeless stockholm drifter" • evefouche - "skid row" • born1945 - "Homeless" • lavocado@sbcglobal.net - "Man and Shopping Cart" • ubrayj02 - "Homeless man sleeps adjacent Snowman themed graffiti in 2nd Street tunnel, Los Angeles" • Omar Omar - "Homeless but not hopeless" • JerzyGorecki - "poverty pauper poor" • AutrementDit Toronto. - "Man's best friend...." • SaraVaccari - "man man on the street homeless" • theestgeorge - "A Concrete Flat" • Rolling Okie - "Homeless in Jaipur"

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