Marriage Is A Very Good Thing

1. Provides safety for you and your spouse's life

Married people live longer and healthier lives. Nine out of ten married guys will who are alive at 48 will make it to age 65, compared with just six in ten comparable guys. Nine out of ten wives alive at age 48 will live to be senior citizens, compared with just eight out of ten divorced and single women.

With the given statistics, couples who are married tend to live a more healthier lifestyle. The results may vary depending on the circumstances of your relationship.

2. Earn and save money

Research have proven that married men are wealthier men. Married men earn between 10%-40% more than single men.

They are also more likely to receive a promotion as well aims get better performance reviews than single men. When you're married, you're entire outlook on money changes.

3. Protect the lives of your children

Children lead healthier, longer lives if parents get and stay married. In one long-term study that followed a sample of highly advantaged children up through their seventies, a parent's divorce knocked four years off the adult child's life expectancy.

Forty-year-olds from divorced homes were three times more likely to die from all causes than 40-year-olds whose parents stayed married.

4. Overwhelming happiness

For most people, the joys of the single life and of divorce are overrated. Married people are also only about half as likely as singles or cohabitors to say they are unhappy with their lives.

5. Sexual intimacy

Married people are more likely to have a better sex life than single men. Single men are 20 times more likely, and single women ten times more likely, not to have had sex even once in the past year than the married.

Wives, for example, are almost twice as likely as divorced and never-married women to have a sex life that exists. 50 percent of husbands say sex with their partner is extremely satisfying physically, compared with 39 percent of cohabiting men.



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