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Hi my name is Mohandas Ghandi, I was born on October 2, 1869. I was the preeminent leader of the Indian Independence movement in British-ruled India. I also led india to Independence and inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the world
I was born on october 2, 1869 to a hindu modh badhi family in porbandar a coastal town on the kathiawar peninsula of India. I am the youngest of 4 kids in my family. I attended an all boy school in my early school life when I was about 7 years old in Rajkot with other boys as well. I continued on with my school life and while I was in high school, I wondered where I would attend collage, I wanted to study in a place other than India. So I set off to London, England to study law
in 1885 my dad died from a long illness and just a little after my dads death, my wife, ba, gave birth to a boy that only lived for a few days. in 1888, I had another child who was another boy who lived. after I graduated high school, I was set to go to England, but I was not able to leave until I swore in front of my mother and a priest that I would not even touch alcohol, women, or any meat while I was away. While I was away at England I was struggling to find food fit for my vegetarian diet. After a while I found the London Vegetarian Society and I joined, I made lots of new friends who had the same diet as me, But in 1891 I went back to India to find out that my mother had died "Even greater than my fathers death, all my hopes were crushed" But I had to move forward
after collage I graduated and later became a lawyer, during early years of being a lawyer, I traveled to South Africa and gave people the idea that Indians should be treated the same level as native Americans while in Africa. I also stated that I believed that the white race should be the predominating race. After many incidents with whites in South Africa, I began to change my thinking and interest on politics. Later on when Ghandi left South Africa, South Africans gained the right to vote and Ghandi was considered a national hero
in 1915, I returned to my home country of India, when I went back I brought an international reputation of being an Indian nationalist, theorist, and organizer. I had later joined the Indian National Congress and I was introduced to many Indian issues
in 1920, I took control of the congress and began escalating demands until January, 26 1930 the Indian Nation Congress declared freedom on India. The British did not recognize the declaration but negotiations ensued. Many tensions continued to increase but in 1942 I demanded independence, while trying very hard to gain independence, I was put in prison along with over 10,000 congress leaders.
In order to Gain independence from Britian, I enforced the people of India to resist British government in a peaceful way by passive resistance. I wanted my people to resist by disobeying British rule but in a peaceful way, also known as civil disobedience. Many ways my people disobeyed, were by using Indian national congress to write papers to british colonial government to get changes, the muslim league also wrote to the British for more say in the government. One of the most famous ways I disobeyed was the Salt March.
In January of 1948 Ghandi was fighting as hard as he could for Independence, but sadly Ghandi was assassinated by a Hindu fanatic during a prayer vigil to an area of Muslim-Hindu violence. But thankfully, India gained independence and was free from the british rule. In the end, Ghandi died a hero. He fought most of his life fighting for the freedom and peace of the Indians


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