DMD604 animation techniques, styles and effects (practice)

The aim of this project is to look at various industry standard animation and to try an replicate the techniques used to the best of my ability. This work needs to be relevant to what I am making for DMD605.

Title Sequences

In this section I will be looking at some of my favorite title sequences for movies and television, all of these will be animated to some degree. I will look at what goes into a title sequence, in terms of solid animation, great style and music to match the tone and setting of a series or film.

Bellow is my re-imagination of the Stranger Things title sequence

Title sequences also spill over into corporate work as every good corporate video needs a snappy intro to get peoples attention. Examples of my work for Nissan are shown down bellow.

Character Rigging using DUIK

Trapcode Effects


Elemental Effects using Trapcode

I use Trapcode 3D Stroke to create the streams for these effects, and then I added a turbulent displace to some of them to get the slightly roughed up edges to simulate a much more fluid shape.

Spiral Test

Wind Strike

Water Ball

Earth Blast

Fluid Shapes

Camera Tracking

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