Good Life Performance The divine: A play for sarah bernhardt

Before the show.

The Spacial Experience- Entering the auditorium was very exciting. The house lights were dim which set the mood for the performance before it even started. The main curtain was up, so the stage was visible to the audience. Being able to see the stage while waiting for the play to start gave me the chance to appreciate the set. The stain glass windows were beautiful. The view of the stage built up the suspense because I was trying to figure out which characters were going to start the play and where they would enter, in the 15 minutes before the first line was uttered.

The Social Experience- I attended the performance by myself, but I sat next to a girl with a similar major to mine so we were talking until the performance started. Having someone I was friendly with made the play so much more enjoyable. It is a lot more fun to laugh at a joke with someone and share in that funny moment rather than giggling quietly to myself.

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The Cultural and Intellectual Experience- The play took place in Quebec City during the early 1900s. One theme that ran throughout the play was censorship. The Church disagreed with the way a famous actress was conducting herself on stage and attempted to force her to quit. It also decided that it would be better for the Church if Talbot lied about being molested by a priest, so they used many different methods to try to convince him to keep that information away from the public. Censorship is still a controversial issue today that many people debate. This play forced me to think about the subject in a different way. It seemed like the Church was the villain the entire play, and that all of the characters' problem would be fixed if the Church would allow them speak about their issues. In the end though, even after Michaud wrote the play about him, Talbot was still a priest who had been molested as a child, his brother was still dead, and his family still lived in poverty. In the Church's attempt to cover up the the priest's awful actions, Talbot's family got expensive silverware and Talbot escaped a life of poverty to become a priest. This forced me to ask the question; did the Church's censorship hurt Talbot or did he actually benefit from it?

After the show.

The Emotional Experience- The Divine allows for katharsis, because it forces the audience to come face to face with social issues without actually having to experience it. It showed poverty, sexual assault, and harsh working conditions without sugar coating or romanticizing the lives of the people who have to live through that. There was no happy ending to give the audience peace of mind. It forced the audience to think about the themes and decide for themselves how they feel about the social issues.

Pictures from after the show.

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