Saturn All about saturn

This is a photo of Saturn.

Saturn is a gas planet. Gas planets are made of all different gases like liquid nitrogen.

Liquid nitrogen
The diameter

Saturn diameter is far. It is 72,367 miles long. Wow! There are lots of other planets thats are longer. Like Venus it's 75,205. But the biggest of all is Jupiter.

Saturn is very far from the sun. Saturn is 888.2 million miles away from the sun. That would be a long trip.

Obirting around Saturn would be very long. It takes 29 years to orbit saturn. That would take almost 3 decades.

The time of 1 rotation would take not a long time. 1 rotation would only take 10hours and 39min.

Saturn only has 7 rings made up of 3 things dust, rocks, and ice. Not lots

Saturns has 62 moons some what like all of the other planets. 62 moons have been named but we are still waiting on 9 of them.


I used lots of websites like- Space planets dot NASA go,,,the>Saturn, and

By, Chloe Nichols


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