Coursework 2017 Amos lim xian-yi

Why ?

Interest in Architecture

Inspired by the architecture I see across the globe during my travels and experiences

My England Home

22 Folly crescent, the place i lived in for a year when in the UK in 2007

Primo Plaza - Khao Yai Thailand

I was inspired by the architecture i saw at this attraction while i was holidaying in Thailand. It was a mini Italian setup tucked in the suburbs of Thailand.

My Idea

Taking into consideration that the heights of homes vary across the globe, i will combine the homes from the different continents ( designed by myself ) into 1 and do a comparison by arranging them according to their general height - creating a height gradient.

America v Europe v Antarctica v Asia v Africa

Main Idea is to do a drawing of the different main cities and their traditional housing types and create a montage with gradient


I aim to modernise every architecture that I design, giving them a hint of futurism and ECO-FRIENDLINESS and designing them in my mould. In spite of that, i will still keep the traditional features and forms and blend them in.


Final Product

3d Model (digital)

2d drawing showing the height gradient as mentioned above

Practice Designs

European House

This is the progress i have made for my first practice design


Compared with the picture as shown, my design definitely seems much more Modern but yet retains the historic and traditional traits of a typical European house.

Big land area, chimney, and a triangle rooftop are definitely hallmarks of European home.

Antarctica Concept


This concept was inspired by the Allianz Arena stadium. It still retains the main features that traditional igloos have.

1 ) a spherical shape.

2 ) Unique U-shaped door



Europe Concept

This is the concept of my final European house as i opted to stick with traditional forms such as the triangle roof while modernizing the style of the building

Furniture and objects


  • Malaysian Architect
  • Early pioneer of ecology-based green design
  • Eco-architecture and Eco-masterplan

His works directly ties in with our project, hence he is our main source of inspiration for our exterior design.

Jean Nouvel

French Architect

Style: Broke the aesthetic of modernism and post-modernism to create his own style

Tends to design his buildings in sync with the surroundings


Term 2

Finish designing the concepts for all continents and complete the European and Antarctic digital model

Term 3

Finish all digital models and 2d drawing based on my designs

Term 4

Prep Boards



Created with images by stokpic - "staircase spiral architecture"

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