The Disappearing Giants By: Zane Goodson

Elephants and Rhinos used to be quite frequent sites, but now there are fewer than ever.

These animals have been hunted for many years for their tusks and horns.

Most of the horn ends up going to the East where all of the buyers are.

Advancements in technology are leading to new and improved ways to stop these poachers dead in their tracks.

With more awareness comes more money and most of that goes to pay these men to help protect the animals.

The one big problem for helping these great beasts is funding. It is very hard to pay for the expenses to keep these animals safe.

Elephants and rhinos need everybody's help if they are to stay alive and if we don't they may disappear for good.


Created with images by Traveller07 - "Rhino in the thick grass" • Jon Mountjoy - "Elephant" • Sam Beddoes - "Tusk" • T-Town Photo Booth - "Rhino" • HomeSpot HQ - "Hack Saw" • SEDACMaps - "Climate Zones, Scenario B2 2001 - 2025, Asia" • AzureEyes - "drone hexacopter uav" • Ptera - "park rangers kruger park south africa" • Cooperweb - "Money" • ChameleonGreen - "Elephant"

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