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Featured this week:

  • Colorado: Mrs. Hines' Kindergarten and Mrs. Yahn's 3rd Grade Classes.
  • Colorado: Mrs. Schumaker's Kindergarten Class.
  • Franklin: Miss Harder's Kindergarten Class.
  • Franklin: Mrs. Henderson's 3rd Grade Class.
  • Franklin: Mrs. Calderon's English Learning Class.
  • Franklin: SHINE Students.
  • Grant: Miss Dindinger's/Mrs. Minder's Begindergarten Class.
  • Jefferson: Fall Apple Festival - 3rd Grade Leaders.
  • Jefferson: STEM Day at the Ag Learning Center.
  • Madison: Miss Lawrence's Kindergarten Class.
  • Madison: 5th Grade Student Lighthouse Team.
  • Madison: Halloween Fun!
  • Madison: Mrs. Skidmore's Kindergarten Class.
  • McKinley: Mrs. Strouf's 1st Grade Class.
  • McKinley: Mrs. Youngbauer's 4th Grade Class.
  • Mulberry: Halloween!
  • Mulberry: Mrs. Steele's 5th Grade Class.
  • Mulberry: Bullying Prevention Week.
  • Mulberry: Morning Dance and Community Giving.
  • CMS: Ms. Acker's English Learning Class.
  • CMS: 8th Grade Gifted & Talented Students and English Learning Students.
  • WMS: Mrs. Matteson's #ChooseKindInitiative Interest Group.
  • WMS: Mrs. Plemmons' and Mrs. Ortega's Special Education Classes.
  • WMS: Mr. Yerington's 6th Grade Science Class.
  • East Campus: Mr. Falkena's Science Classes.
  • MHS: Mrs. Coffman's AP Biology Class.
  • MHS: All-State Music Festival Participants.
  • MHS: Hy-Vee Students & School Service Leaders of the Quarter
  • District-Wide Staff: Franklin Cafeteria Workers.
  • District-Wide Staff: Live United!!


Kindergarten students and 3RD grade students from Mrs. Hines' and Mrs. Yahn's classes wrote thank you cards to members of the staff during leadership buddies.

Leadership Buddies at Colorado Elementary.

Ms. Schumaker's Kindergarten class at Colorado celebrated Fall with crafts, a parade, and a party!

Halloween parade, fall crafts = learning through play!


Kindergartners in Miss Harder's class were able to scoop out pumpkin seeds with their hands. Then they were able to count with their team to find out how many seeds they had in their pumpkins!

Learning to count with pumpkin seeds - Miss Harder's Kindergarten Class - Franklin Elementary.

Students in Mrs. Henderson's 3rd grade class are working on a STEM activity of building the tallest free standing tower using candy corn and toothpicks.

STEM activities in Mrs. Henderson's 3rd grade class.

Franklin English Learning students in Mrs. Calderon's class experimented with the question "Which Ghost Will Spin?" They predicted, graphed, and tested to find the result.

Predicting, graphing, and testing in Mrs. Calderon's class!

Mrs. Hopkins, Mrs. Henderson and former Franklin student, Cecilia Calderon put together November's SHINE board for all our Franklin students to sign as they SHINE.

Who will SHINE this month at Franklin?


Begindergarten students in Miss Dindinger's/Mrs. Minder's class at Grant put on a Letter Sound Song performance for their friends and Mrs. Caffery!

Learning about letters in Begindergarten!


Jefferson students participated in STEM day at the Ag Learning Center!

STEM at the Ag Learning Center.

The 3rd grade leaders at Jefferson enjoyed a caramel apple treat celebrating fall!

Fall Apple Festival Fun!


Kindergarteners in Miss Lawrence's class at Madison painted Halloween pumpkins!

Pumpkin painting in Miss Lawrence's class!

The Madison 5th Grade Student Lighthouse Team presented a check for $632.45 raised from the Penny Wars to Judy Lokenvitz. Judy will use the money to help fund dresses, shorts, school bags, and school repairs for the children of Haiti. We want to thank everyone involved for helping make this project a huge success!1

Great job Madison Students!

Staff and students enjoyed participating in Halloween activities together at Madison!

Mr. Stewart, 3rd grade teacher at Madison by day, pro golfer on Halloween with his caddy!!
Two minions at Madison Elementary getting into the Halloween spirit!

Kindergarteners in Mrs. Skidmore's class at Madison had fun carving pumpkins!

Pumpkin carving fun!


McKinley school had their fall festival with a hayrack ride, craft, music, group games, just dance, snack and a scavenger hunt on Monday! Mrs. Strouf's 1st graders enjoyed all of the fun activities!

Mrs. Strouf's 1st graders during McKinley's Fall Festival.

4th graders in Mrs. Youngbauer's class enjoyed their Fall Festival!

Fall Festival Fun at McKinley Elementary - 5th grade - Mrs. Youngbauer's Class.


Mulberry students and staff got into the spirit of Halloween!

The Halloween spirit is alive and well at Mulberry!

5th grade students in Mrs. Steele's math class worked with partners in converting units of measurement and worked on their computers completing Front Row math in the measurement and data domain.

Converting units of measurement in 5th grade math.

Last week Mulberry recognized Bullying Prevention Week. Every morning during our announcements fourth and fifth grade students reminded the student body to stand up to bullying. Students signed a pledge and learned a dance to the song Brave.

Stand Up to Bullying!

Mrs. Welsch led a "Just Dance" video before our morning announcements this morning. The last photo is of a group of amazing 5th grade girls who spent time making posters and selling the United Way bracelets this morning. They will continue to sell them until they are sold out.

Students start the day with Just Dance!

A group of amazing 5th grade girls spent time making posters and selling the United Way bracelets this morning. They will continue to sell them each morning until they are sold out.

Students participate in Community Giving for United Way.


Students in Ms. Acker's English Learning class wrote about their first experience trick-or-treating in the United States!

English Learning students in Ms. Acker's class.

Central Middle School 8th grade GT and EL students attended the International Day Convention for middle school students hosted by the University of Iowa. The event raises awareness of Human Rights.

Human Rights Awareness at the middle school level.


Students at West Middle School participate in an interest group every Friday during homeroom. The students in Ms. Matteson's interest group titled #ChooseKind Initiative by Wonder have been writing thank you notes to various groups of people to thank them for their service. Last Friday's cards were delivered to Muscatine's Post Office, and the cards have been shared with all of the dutiful mail carriers who do a wonderful job distributing letters and packages throughout the Muscatine community.

WMS Students and the #ChooseKindInitiative homeroom group thank the city's mail carriers!

Students and staff in Mrs. Plemmons' and Mrs. Ortega's classes had fun celebrating Halloween at school!

Students and Staff get into the spirit of Halloween!

Students in Mr. Yerington’s 6th grade science classes are learning about the water cycle. Each group became a drop of water and rolled a die to determine where they would go next. Some groups learned that sometimes a drop of water doesn’t get to go ANYWHERE for a long time!! it was a fun way to explore the water cycle!

Learning about the water cycle in 6th Grade!


East Campus science students in Mr. Falkena's classes visited different labs at the University of Iowa. They have visited a lab with an Ionically-Couple Plasma Mass Spectrometer, an Electron Microprobe, and the Paleontology Repository. We have been learning how science is done in many different settings and how they are researched!

Learning about different ways science is conducted at the labs at the University of Iowa.


Students in Mrs. Coffman's AP Biology class investigated the properties of a semi-permeable cell membrane by using bubbles to model its structure and function.

AP Biology and properties of a semi-permeable cell membranes!

Below are pictured the students who were selected to participate in the All-State Music Festival November 17 - 19 in Ames on the ISU campus. Thousands of students in Iowa try out to participate in this festival and spend months preparing for the audition. MHS had auditions Saturday, October 22nd, and had twelve MHS students selected: 4 orchestra students and 8 choir students. We look forward to the festival in November! Additionally, one student, Emily Fillmore, a violin player in our orchestra, has made it this year for her 4th time. Being a 4-year All-Stater is a great honor, and is a testament to her playing ability and her musical dedication. Our district is one of the toughest in Iowa to make it into the orchestra, all the more reason that Emily making it 4 years is really something special to our school.

All-State Music Festival Participants

Hy-Vee Students & School Service Leaders of the Quarter: Students of the Quarter & Service Leaders were recognized at a Recognition Breakfast hosted by Hy-Vee on Nov. 3rd. Students are recognized for their outstanding performance or demonstration of significant service to the school throughout the last nine-week period. They are nominated by their teacher for such things as: individual accomplishments in the classroom, standards of excellence, performing in a unique manner, or making exceptional contributions to the class.

Service Leaders of the Quarter

Left (top to bottom): Julia So and Camilla McNeely; Right: Jose Gonzalez

Students of the Quarter

Left: Lucas Rowe; Right (top to bottom): Chance Humphries and Seth Hintermeister
Left (top to bottom): Callie Kurriger and Kaleb Drawbaugh; Right: Chase McConnaha
Left (top to bottom): Isabella Alvarado and Molly Matkovich; Right: Elaina Lee
Left to Right: Erin Kelly and Marcelo Mariani

Congratulations, MHS Students!


Franklin's Food and Nutrition staff got into the Halloween spirit and dressed as Crayola crayons!

The Franklin Crayola Kitchen!

In support of Muscatine United Way, buildings were challenged to purchase a Live United t-shirt (all proceeds benefited Muscatine United Way). The building with the highest percentage of purchases per staff were personally awarded with doughnuts from Superintendent Riibe. East Campus was the overall winner with 100% of staff purchasing the t-shirt. Second place went to McKinley Elementary where 52% of staff purchased the shirt! Overall, 240 shirts were purchased district-wide in support of Muscatine United Way! Thank you staff!!

East Campus Staff Live United - 100% participation (with a couple of employees missing)!
Madison Elementary Staff Live United!
Admin Center Staff Live United!
MHS Staff Live United!

Thank you to all who contributed pictures this week!

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