Paragon Don last year local


Paragon Don is a rap artist based out of Winston-Salem, NC and a part of a label “steady:hyperactive”. He’s been written about in prominent blogs such as “Lyrical Lemonade” and “OnThaRize Mag”. He has cited some of his influences to be Saba, Michael Christmas, and Tobi Lou but also the city around him and the interactions with the people that shape his life. Although Winston-Salem has never had the biggest of music scenes, he has still been able to thrive not only performing at local events in surrounding areas but curating events with his label as well (Steady:Hype Night, Bloom and Buds). With “Last Year Local” under his belt Paragon Don has seemed to find a blend of creating fun loving music with hard hitting metaphors while still being able to keep his audience attentive wondering what could possibly be said next.

  • Paragon Don has over 5,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, with the single Too Sharp leading with over 20,000 streams
  • Over 30,000 streams on Apple Music
  • Over 15,000 views on Youtube
  • Has performed with acts such as Lil Durk, MC Chris, and TiaCorine

Lyrical Lemonade “...one of the tracks that caught my attention and that I’ve had in my rotation is his “Jupiter Jazz” record. On this single, he’s in a pocket of flow and lyricism that’s impossible to ignore.”

rosecransave - “Consistency is key, that’s undebatable. Taking advantage of the moment in front of you is also important, and both of those things have played a role in the rise of Winston Salem native, Paragon Don.”


404.637.9857 | 336.837.7796

paragondon605@gmail.com | steadyhyperactive@gmail.com