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On Friday in their media class, students build towers out of spaghetti and mini marshmallows. Johneil, Arianna, and Kamron [left to right} work hard to create an amazing tower. Arianna [center] says, " i liked doing, like, a hands on project and working in a group."
As the tower began to collapse, the team rushed to fix the supports. They held the tower up and attempted to double up on support beams. Johneil said that, "The hardest part was to put it, like, all together when it was falling."
Eventually, Kamron and Lauren switched places. The group tried to take the top of the tower off to see if they could fix the tower. Kamron says that next time," we need to make sure it has more sturdiness to it."
In the end, the kids could not save their tower. Arriana crushed the failed tower when the time was up. All of the students enjoyed this activity.

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