Town of Pittsfield Wisconsin My Local government, Gavin DeCleene

Town of Pittsfield Wisconsin
I live in the town of Pittsfield. My local government meats at, 3041 Kunesh north rd, Pulaski, WI 54162.

My first issue I have is land use in the community. My thought on this is we aren't useing our land to its full capabilities, like not having many parks or trails.

My second issue is transportation. In Pittsfield we don't have many roads or very good roads that are nice to drive on.

My third reason is housing. With houseing we don't have enough new single family homes.

My fourth reason is natural, cultural, agricultural resoces. With this we don have enough to give our town character.

My final reason is economic development. Currently we don't have economic strength and growth.

The issue I chose to research was on land use in Pittsfield. Our local government wants to use our empty land and make more community activities on it. I think it would be great to use our land in a better way. We have tons of open land that we are not useing to its best capability. We don't want to let the land just go to waste. It would be good to make something out of our open land for our communities benefit. What I think we should do is have more sight seeing parks and trails to add to our town. When they decide to start building our community I don't think we should build anything that would rune the character of our town, like building a amusement park or something like that.
Other interesting information on my issue is we already started to build our character. Recently we made a community park with a little shack and walking trails. This is exactly what I was thinking about. Just a little shack for eating and shade with a large area for kids to play, and nice walking trails to enjoy the beautiful wild life.


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