Personal Values Survey Jake zyta

1. Achievements (what i'm proud of, use your achievement worksheet)

Give two examples

1. All Ontario Champs... Last year my team was very strong. Together we had a blast and won all Ontario in the finals against a team from Toronto.

2. Nations Cup... I scored the winning goal in the finals against a team from Russia. This took place in Michigan.

Identify your Top Interest (hands on, people, or information)

1. My top interest is being hands on. My first reason as to why i am a hands on person is because i enjoy working on and fixing motors on anytime of machine. Also, I learn better when being taught with objects than just being spoke too.

Identify your top two Personal Values

Family and Adventure are my top two personal values. I feel these values will help me choose a career because with adventure i will be up for trying any job or any activity given to me. Family, will support me through my decisions just as i support them through theirs. Adventure is something i use everyday. To start, i am a very energetic person that loves to try new thinks and discover things. Family, is amazing and helps you pretty much everything. When i have an everyday problem such as getting a ride home from hockey my family is there for me.

Identify your top two Work Values

1, My top two work values are Self Expression and Security. This will help me with choosing a career eventually because i will choose a career that involves hands on, independent skills, and something i will enjoy rather than doing it just for the money. In addition, i am the kind of person that continues with something they like. When i start something such as a new sport i feel if i do not like it i cannot continue.

Identify your top two skills.

My top two everyday skills is being creative, and being a leader. These are my top two skills because when there is an issue or something that needs solving i am known for being good at make a final decision. In addition, i have a lot of younger cousins that look up to me and follow in my footsteps. Also, i am very creative i am always sketching and coming up with ideas no one else can think about. These two skills in a way combine and make an even better skill.

Identify your Top Work Skill and Your Weakest Work Skill

Thinking Skills are my strongest skill. I can use this to make the right decisions, know what my job is, and anything else that involves quickly thinking things through and acting on them. An example, is when i personally think things through and come up with strong ideas whether i am independently working or with a group. Next, my weakest work skill is Organisation. I can fix this by keeping my notes and binders together and putting them in a safe spot once i am given them.

Identify your top two Learning Skills

Identify your top two Learning Styles

Tactile Learning and Visual Learning are my top Learning styles. Two tips that i can use in order to learn more is keeping a journal this will help me stay organised and record more important information. Another tip is ask questions this will help me clearly understand ideas and orders that are given and make the best of what i have been asked.

Identify your top two Multiple Intelligence

My top two Multiple Intelligence skills are Visual and Auditory. I love to discuss matters and writing down notes and studying. Also, I love visualising things because i am very creative. Listening is a strong skill of mine in class and when given orders.

Identify your top two Personality types

I am a fixer/ builder type I am constantly wondering how things work. I enjoy working with tools and fixing anything that is given to me as a challenge. I enjoy working with my hands and prefer working with objects. My next Personality Type is I am a creator/ innovator type this is because i love to try new things and i like to do and think things differently then others.


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