The Abstract Future Over the Concrete The pressure for Teenagers to go to College BY: Emily Reidy

High school students face the immense pressure of figuring out what to do with their futures.

Within the high school environment, administration and the student body control what is accepted and what is not.

While each student begins the thought process of what they want their life after high school to look like, they are faced with the college culture that is widely accepted in high school.

When looking at the future, a student should be excited for what is to come and not dread the decisions that follow.

The idea that college is a necessity in order to attain success has spread throughout this culture, forcing teenagers to enroll in higher education. Due to this students are accepting and pursuing dreams that are not their own, leading to not only regret, but debt as well.

These are alternate options for students who graduate high school. Youth with a Mission is an organization created to train and raise up missionaries. Entrepreneurship is the independent path to creating an individual's personal business. Students could also become musicians, artist, actors, or enlist in the military.

Juliet Locker is 21 years old and is currently a staff member at Youth with a Mission in Madison Wisconsin. After graduation Juliet faced criticism because she did not continue onto college. However, she pursued her heart for missions and applied to YWAM. Juliet began The Beautiful Feet Campaign in hopes that people would, like her, follow the life God had planned for her and to "walk with your beautiful feet into the destiny and dreams that God has placed in your heart."

It is not enough for High Schools to provide multiple options for students for life after graduation; Concord High school should also take steps to accept students' decisions to forego college.

It is the responsibility of each person to find their own individual passion and pursue it. It is important that high schools recognize that college is not a necessary step for each student to complete. Introducing a welcoming environment among high schools can then lead to an accepting culture.

Created By
Emily Reidy


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