Vocab document By yaelsee temes

Prefix: Circum-, around

Circumference- around a circle, Ex: What's the circumference of the circle?

Circumvent- to avoid, Ex: I had to circumvent the sleeping bear.

Circumnavigate- to travel all the way around, Ex: I had to circumnavigate the house.

Circumscribe- to limit, Ex: I tried to circumscribe the amount I eat.

Sometimes there's no limits

Circumspect- to think carefully, Ex: He had to circumspect which one to choose.

Circunstance- a condition that effects the situation, Ex: He haven't considered the circumstance of what he has done.

This illustrates a choice, to continue and advance or go back.

Compassion- showing love willingly, Ex: They showed compassion toward the dog.

Composure- to stay calm, Ex: It was hard to hold my composure with the irritating noise.

This illustrates a calm area

Encounter- to meet, Ex: We encountered a squirrel during the placid walk.

A wild Squirrel appeared!

Spontaneous- unexpected, Ex: The spark was spontaneous.

Unexpected fireworks.


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