Monse's Goals English 1-2| Period 3

Semester goal

By the end of the semester, i will be playing on the basketball varsity team.

Ways to make this a realistic goal:

  • Practice everyday and work on my ball handles.
  • Join clubs to practices over the breaks.
  • Have grades above C's to be able to try out and play in the games.

English Goal

In my English class, the lowest grade that i will get will be C's and learn how to speak properly.

Here is how I plan to make this a realistic goal:

  • I will stay on task, pay attention and not get distracted.
  • I will hand in all the assignments even if it's late to get credit.
  • Take time to come in the morning, lunch or after school to get help or ask questions if i don't understand something.

High School Goal

My main High School goal is to stay on track and graduate on time with my class of 2020.

Here's a list on how i plan to achieve this goal:

  • Try to get extra credits so i don't have to worry about not having enough to graduate.
  • Keep my grades higher then a C's average in all my classes.
  • Ask to go to the ALC to catch up on work or to get help.

After High School Goal

After High School i plan on going to college straight after graduation.

Here's a list on how i plan on making this an achievable goal:

  • Have a job while i'm in high school and save up to pay for college.
  • Try to get good grades so my high school will give me a free ride to college.

Personal Growth Goal

My personal goal is to be more positive in my class rooms or work place.

Here's how I plan on making this personal goal realistic.

  • Not to get frustrated in class or work place.
  • Keep a smile and be positive.
  • Keep organized to not get frustrated.


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