The Last Years of the Republic By: Renae


1. Anson Jones was elected president of the Republic of Texas in 1844

2. Jones was a doctor from Brazilian and a veteran of the Battle of San Jacinto.

3. He served in the Texas Congress and as Secretary of State under Houston.

4. As president, Jones inherited the Republic's economic problems.

5. During Jones's presidency, Texans increased their calls for annexation with the United States

This is a picture of Anson Jones

6. Jones continued Houston's policy of limited government spending.

7. Although economic problems were a major concern for many Texans, President Jones was more worried about the prospects of annexation.

8. As Secretary of State, Jones had worked directly with Houston to map out foreign relations for Texas.

9. Many Texans wanted decisive action, and so they became frustrated with Jones because he kept silent on the issue of annexation.

10. Few Texans were interested in negotiating with Mexico.

The End

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