War of the Roses By: cameron

The war of the Roses was between the houses of Lancaster and York that both thought they had the heir to king of England.

The House of Lancaster is represented by a red rose.
The House of York was represented by a white rose.

The people of Britain were extremely divided over who should be the king of England.

Henry VI was declared insane so his French wife took charge of the country.

Edward IV was a great military leader but was sometimes a little bit lazy.

Richard III has been accused of murdering his two nephews who were next in line to be king.

The two princes mysteriously diapeared one summer and were never seen again. I think that Charles III killed them because two bodies that fit the discription of the princes were found later on undreneath the steps in the tower of London.
The Battle of Bosworth Field was one of the most influental battles of the War of the Roses.

Henry Tudor was the second Tudor to be king. He succeeded his father in the year of 1509.


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