Final Major Project Reflective Journal week 1 By Tom Rafferty

-As I am focusing on the art for my project most of my reflective journal will be focused on any issues, feats, discoveries etc. in the art side of the game, this will not completely rule out any talk of code/sound as I will talk about how my graphics work impacted that work.

(WEEK 1) w/c 13th March 2017

This week I will be working on my part in the proposal for the group project, my team mates and I have been using "google drive" to share ideas and concepts, we have all also started creating example assets for our game in our free time, to show each other our ideas and where we want to take this game and we have since settled on a few basic concepts: we want the game to be on a 16x16 grid to convey a retro style also I (the graphics department of the team) will be limited to a 32 colour palette; we were looking into using an actual set colour palette from something like the "NES" however we felt as this will be a modern project this colour palette would limit the games visual appeal to a point were it wouldn't be appealing to a modern audience. So we decided to keep the limit of 32 colours so we can keep a some what retro tradition, and although it is not accurate to traditional retro games, we felt that this limit will greatly help the retro feel of the game.

as a group we have all been doing research this week most of it being on the visual side of things so that we can all agree on an art style. However we all did research on sound and mechanics in games too. The reason for us doing research as a group this week was that we could all get the direction we want the game to go in as a team, this will ensure all assets of the game co-operate with each other and feel right. The Research we have done so far this week has been on games like "The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim" and "The Legend of Zelda" we like the idea of the player being free to do as they like and without walls.

architecture research (Tudor houses and fantasy models)

I used resources like google and pinterest, I like to use pinterest as it is an extremely useful bank of ideas and pictures for almost any topic, pinterest is also great because you can save and organize any pictures you like into "boards" which you can customize, this helped a lot for gathering research as I knew exactly where everything was.

This week I feel confident in our project, I feel like we can get this done and have a decent working game by the end and I'm excited to see the results of all the work we put in

so now moving forward I just need to collect a little more research on things like medieval buildings and the different types of clothing that would be realistically available, for example we are making a fantasy game so we can really do anything we like, however, you wont see the medieval villagers walking around with a pair of Nike trainers on.

medieval style clothing
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