Please support our dance project DONATIONS for a private crowd founding

Hoping to receive support, encouragement and contribution from all of you who can and want to support my project.

I direct my appeal to this small group of people who know me and cherish my artistic work.

After five years of intensive and intentional work on the construction of the JUNGLE DANCE THEATER in Goa, India,

A place that is a contemporary dance school for dancers and people who want to dance, as well as a platform for creating and producing dance performances.

I have a strong desire to give impetus to the realization of my dream, and to raise my dance project another step.

I have completed my Diploma degree in dance at the National Dance Center of France, and at the same time since 2013 I have been busy developing and promoting the contemporary dance in India.

My dance theater troupe is a project that aims to develop and nurture the contemporary art of dance in India, both artistically and educationally.

I want to unite and develop dancers, students, artists and audiences in India and around the world in an ambitious program of creativity and mixing cultures.

I am intending to integrate Indian dancers into the training and performance of the coming season ( winter 2018-2019),along with the international dance team,

Work on a 3-piece program within a period of 5 months.

The immediate needs for which I turn to funding support are:

1. Our Indian dancers need financial support for accommodation and food so they can join the band's practice.

2. We are required to improve stage conditions and rehearsal spaces in order to be able to realize the potential artistic quality we possess.

The minimum that I need to raise, in order to succeed in developing what has already been done, is € 5,000 (in the hope of € 15,000).

I realized that the only way I could succeed in flying high and promoting this project is to turn to family and friends.

Those dear people who were touched by my art work and my dance.

I will be grateful for all the support that comes from you, of course each according to his ability.

For donating:

(PayPal do not take any commission from your side , but you need to have a Paypal account. Its very easy to make one)

There is also another option - to transfer the contribution amount to support, directly to the bank account opened for this purpose.

Link to bank account:

IBAN FR39 3000 2042 3900 0003 8068 D14


Mme Danielle Alnuma

If you have supported and transferred direct money to the account, I would appreciate it if you let me know.

Expecting and wishing

And thank you from the bottom of my heart





John Lennon


David Desouza

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