My Trip to the Harn Jemmy Barrera

[DESIGN} The museum is very welcoming and walking in , you feel an immediate sense of curiosity. The gallery is elegant and at every turn there is something to inspire you. I really enjoyed who large it was so that you were able to experience different artists and themes in each section. Frida is one of my favorite Artists and she has always been an inspiration to me. Having this famous picture of Frida as the first thing I see when I walked in , immediately made it an amazing experience. For Frida Kahlos section the design was especially planned well. As you move from one side to another , it walks you through her life as a blossoming artist through all her milestones.
[MEDIUM OF THE ART] The African Heritage was the most interactive gallery for me, and it was mainly through the techniques the artist used. In this gallery the artist had several different styles of art , such as video, sculpture , paintings ,and photography. This allowed me to experience and understand African dance culture a little more. I was able to not only see how they dress , but how they dance through the video. Having the sculptures present as well gave me a view into how they would look in real life.
[ART AND CORE VALUES] I want to bring back Frida Kahlo because this was really important to me. She is a part of the whole Latin American Collection and that hits home. I am Latin American woman whose parents are from El Salvador and Guatemala. My culture means so much to me and to be able to see other artist that are Latin American make such amazing art, is truly inspiring. Frida Kahlo was a Mexican Woman who was an artist in a time and place where patriarchal society is strong. Woman are usually not meant for anything more than being a housewife, and having lovers like she did was completely out of the question. She had the odds against her and yet she still chose that lifestyle. Her passion was so strong that when she was in a car accident , she was bed ridden for months and still continued to draw and paint. She is an example of strength, passion , and determination for woman everywhere and especially in the hispanic community.
[ART AND THE GOOD LIFE] Walking through the gallery I noticed that a significant amount of the art was expressing current social issues. This is really important and relevant to what is going on right now with our new president. The issues covered race, gender, and socioeconomic disadvantages. Art is a way to express yourself in a way to make impressions on people. Part of the good life to me is being able to make an impact, and these artists are doing so in trying to reach people on the current issues at hand. To have the good life we want we must fight for our rights to pursue it. These artists remind us that we are not alone and that there are many people who are giving parts of their lives to expose our problems and put up a fight. If the Tour at the good life left me with anything , its that : I will be inspired everyday to never give up on my passion.


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