Artificial intelligence MichaeL RamoS

To me A.I. are robots that are made to help us and be used in work environments. My understanding has changed after doing this project because some people don't see A.I. being used for good.

Why don't people trust A.I.? People don't trust A.I. because people think they will take over our jobs and make us feel useless.

If I had artificial intelligence my day would be different because I would have A.I. giving me information I need to help me throughout the day.

Rules and Rights A.I. should have are that they need a scheduled maintenance every few months, they should only to jobs that are impossible for humans to do, and they shouldn't replace workers.

Top 10 reasons for A.I.

1. They help us learn new things. 2. They help us do things we are unable to do. 3. They are convenient. 4. They are common and not rare. 5. They have a lot of knowledge. 6. They can assist the elderly and disabled. 7. They can be used to help find cures for diseases. 8. They have advanced technology. 9. They will always be ready to be used. 10. They will be needed.

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