Newsletter 28th May 2021

Headteacher Comment

I am pleased as always to say that we have had another excellent term at Greenfields. Our Head Teacher Awards Celebration assembly highlighted for me just how incredibly talented and kind our children are. 'Well done' to all of the award winners this time. We also presented the first DRET 10 reading challenge certificates today, well done to Ali (TT) and Adam (DF) #DRETReads.

We are currently planning for some teaching staff changes and am in very strong position to be able to let you know soon who will be teaching which class. As usual, you will find who your child’s teacher will be closer to the transition activities in July. In the meantime, I can let you know that we are able to offer separate Year Five and Year Six classes next year. So if your child is currently in a mixed class this will not be the case in September.

We have successfully recruited two amazing new teachers for September to replace two teachers who are on the move at the end of the year. Firstly, Mrs McNamara will be moving on at the end of this academic year to be able to further progress to her work to better the lives of refugees and be able to spend more time with her family. Together, let's wish her good luck in the future.

And finally, in the same vein, I am very excited to let you know that Mrs Kenny has successfully secured a secondment from September. She will be leaving us temporarily to take up the position as Assistant Principal in another of our DRET schools in Northampton (lucky Briar Hill Primary Academy!). Do please join me in congratulating her and wishing her the very best of luck.

Today we have supported the National Arts in Schools and Colleges campaign to ensure the arts play a central part in children’s education. Enjoy our newsletter which is full of the art work that has been produced today.

Have a lovely holiday and we will see you back in school on Monday 7th June.

Mrs Appleby

London Landmark Knowledge

In Reception this week the children have enjoyed independently writing about their London landmark knowledge. Everyone has been trying hard to remember capital letter, finger space and full stops.


Right From the Start

In the youngest room of the Nursery, Eric has made lots of progress this term, he has been exploring new ways to mark make. He has even been taking his learning home and showing his family his new talents. Well done Eric we are all very proud of you.

Eric from Ladybirds

Water Uptake in Plants

In science, Marvellous Meerkats have been learning all about water transport in plants. They were amazed to learn that, inside the roots, leaves and stem, you can find small tubes called 'xylem' and 'phloem'. To investigate how water exits a plant, they conducted a short experiment. The children found that if you tie a plastic bag around some leaves, after a while, it will fog up. This is because of the escaping water vapour. This is rather like water vapour escaping from your lungs when you breathe out. If you look on Twitter, you will see how interested Maeve was in the bags on plants!

Marvellous Meerkats

Remarkably Resilient

Once again our wonderful children show us how important learning is to them by producing fantastic work when learning remotely.

From Latin to singing, the children have continued to demonstrate such amazing attitudes to learning. Take a look at some of the Hot Writes, online safety and Geography work below, but I have to say a personal favourite of mine was Stefan’s rendition of ‘Hey Ho Nobody Home’.

They are all such little gems and should be incredibly proud of themselves.

Remarkable Rhinos

Phenomenal Photographers!

Remarkable Rhinos took to photography when demonstrating their artistic skills. They looked at how living things are changing as the weather warms up.

Some of the photographs were just beautiful, children also sketched what they saw. Take a look…….

Remarkable Rhinos

Self Portraits

Reception are so proud of the art work they have produced this term. They have been creating some self portraits using drawings, paintings, clay and also using photos of themselves. They are excited to share their work in the #EduArtsFest today via Twitter.

Reception's Art Gallery is full of their incredible work

Number Bonds

This week the children have been learning their number bonds to 5 using counters and frames. Great maths this week, Busy Bees and Dragonflies.

Super Busy Ladybirds

Ladybirds have been super busy exploring different media in the Three year old room. The children used mirrors to look at their own facial features and then using pastels created these wonderful self portraits. In addition to this Ladybirds made pop art for art day. They drew around their hand. They then painted their hand and printed it on top.


#EduArtsFest Across the School

Cheeky Monkeys have created some fantastic art this week. They learned all about Ancient Greek pottery in their history lesson this week and made their own replica pots with beautiful Greek patterns.

Cheeky Monkeys have been gripped by the class novel The Nowhere Emporium. As they were all so fascinated by the story and so sad to see the end of the book, this week they created their own enchanted lands boxes. The children created their own enchanted lands in the boxes from a variety of different resources. It was lovely to see the children recreating characters, rooms and themes from their story.

Cheeky Monkeys

The youngest in the school have been learning about collaging and have produced their own master piece using different textures, spray bottles, paint and glue. They make a fantastic frame to capture their cheeky faces and outside they use themselves as the frame for their drip art work.

Nursery contributed to #EduArtsFest

Year Two absolutely loved Art Day and created a multi-textured collage based on the work by Henri Rousseau. They worked really well as a team and create a wonderful and bright piece of collaborative art.

Year Two

Celebration Assembly

Head Teacher Award

  • Ladybirds - Benas
  • Busy Bees - Harry
  • Dragonflies - Alfie
  • Happy Hyenas - Hamza
  • Terrific Tigers - Azmeena
  • Excellent Elephants - Dean
  • Smart Snakes - Husna
  • Marvellous Meerkats - Teddy
  • Cheeky Monkeys - Ellie
  • Remarkable Rhinos - April
  • Super Sharks - Aiza
  • Champion Cheetahs - Charlotte
  • Proud Lions - Jamie
  • Soaring Eagles - Lionnel

Behaviour Winner

Behaviour winners

Who earned themselves the most behaviour points this term and now hold the Learning Behaviour Trophy.

Positive Points Awards

In first place for the most positive points is.......

Champion Cheetahs!

Champion Cheetahs

Remember, you can earn your class 5 points for 5 reads at home per week, 1 point per day if you are on the Greenfields Moon or 2 points per day if you are on the Greenfields Star - play your part!

House Cup

Congratulations to this week's winner.....



Google Classroom

Google Classroom is where you will find Greenfields' amazing virtual classrooms full of chat and lots of hard work! If you have not used Google Classroom before, or you are new to Greenfields, please follow this link that explains how to log on to a PC, Android or Apple device. You will need your child’s email address and password, and the class codes below:

Home School Agreement

As we become more used to our online way of working, we thought it was important to add to our home/school agreement (that you signed when your child started at Greenfields) to include online learning. Please follow the link below to complete this short addition relating to online learning with Greenfields Primary School and Nursery.

Class Code and Google Link

Teachers are looking forward to posting their ‘Flipping Greenfields’ videos this Friday in time for the weekend. Each one is all about next week’s learning, so will get your child prepared for a flying start on Monday. Research shows that children who feel prepared for the coming week are less anxious about school, happier to get up and go on a Monday morning and achieve better than those who are not.

Greenfields Primary School and Nursery Term Dates

Just a quick COVID reminder

Parents and carers with children in a school setting that have been asked to isolate due to Covid and meet the criteria are eligible to a support payment. Please click below to see if you are eligible and how to claim.

Please help us keep the school and its community safe by:

  • Keeping to the pick-up and drop-off times, and limiting your contact with school staff at these times
  • Keeping your distance from other families in the playground
  • Following the one-way system
  • Wearing a face covering when you are on the school grounds
  • Limiting the number of adults picking up children to 1. If you have a teenager, or partner who is currently dropping off/picking up with you, please ask them to remain off-site.

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Competition Time!

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Wraparound Care booking

Wraparound care has been reserved for working parents accessing school. If you require wraparound care please email admin@greenfields-pri.co.uk

Breakfast Club

Notification of price increase starting September 2021

As you know Greenfields offers wraparound care from 7.30am until 6pm every school day.

From September 2021 the price is £3 per child per day. The £3 charge is used to staff the Breakfast Club regardless if your child attends at 7.30am or 8.15am. Of course you will still be required to book your place in advance of care required.

Year 6 Hoodie Ordering Information

Last day to order Friday 11th June 2021

Outward Bound 2021

Greenfields Summer Camp

Due to the amount of interest in the May Half-Term camp which is now full, Greenfields Primary school and Nursery have decided to run a summer camp.

The price remains the same at £18 for a full day with half day and short day options. Please contact the school via email: admin@greenfields-pri.co.uk or by calling the office on 01536 514622 for more information.

F.R.O.G.S (Friends and Relatives of Greenfields School)

You may remember the days before the pandemic, Greenfields used to host a number of events and fund raising activities for the school. This was run by the outstanding group of dedicated friends and relatives to the school who made up F.R.O.G.S. The wonderful team organised school discos, fetes, and Easter egg hunts to name but a few. The money raised has paid for a school minibus and outside play equipment. Now the pandemic is easing within England, FROGS are looking to start up again in September 2021 and raise some much needed money for the school and more importantly add in some extra fun for the children. If you would like to help in any way then please click on the link below and add your name and what help you can give. There is no commitment required and you can help as a one off or help in all events. If you would like more information click the button below.

Make your own fairy and dinosaur garden

Would you like to make a garden fit for a fairy or roarsome as a dinosaur? North Northamptonshire ouncil have a free online lesson for both adults and children to create their own amazing garden on Friday 4th June at 10am. This is a perfect parent child activity for half term. Click the button below to register for a place.

Year Six Transition Days

Please find below the days for the local secondary school transition days for the current Year Six cohort.

  • Bishop Stopford School - Monday 5th - Thursday 8th July 2021
  • Brooke Weston Academy - Thursday 8th July 2021
  • Huxlow Science College - Thursday 1st - Friday 2nd July 2021
  • Kettering Buccleuch Academy - Monday 5th July
  • Kettering Science Academy - Thursday 8th - Friday 9th July 2021
  • Lodge Park Academy Thursday 8th - Friday 9th July 2021
  • Montsaye Academy - Monday 5th July 2021
  • Southfields School for Girls - Monday 12th July
  • The Latimer Arts College - To be confirmed

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Dates for your Diary

End of Term - Friday 28th May 2021

Back to School Monday 7th June 2021

Last day to order year 6 hoodies Friday 11th June 2021

Drayton Manor Year 6 Trip - Tuesday 29th June 2021

End of Term Friday 16th July 2021

Outward Bound 2021 Monday 18th October - Friday 22nd October 2021

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