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Author Thomas O'Brien created his Brain-Powered Science series for educators who love to surprise and challenge their students with unanticipated results. Using his inquiry-oriented experiments based on the science of discrepant events—hands-on explorations or demonstrations in which the outcomes are not what students expect—teachers can challenge students' preconceived ideas and urge them to critically examine empirical evidence, draw logical inferences, and skeptically review their initial explanations with their peers.
The hands-on activities and highly readable explanations allow students to first investigate concepts, then discuss learned concepts, and finally apply the concepts to everyday situations. Robertson’s wit and humor are sure to keep students and teachers entertained while they tackle topics such as acceleration, speed, and gravity.
The volumes in this series are rich with examples, instructions, tips, assessment questions, and model responses to assessments; they will engage you and your students with scenarios that represent real-world science in all its messy, thought-provoking glory.

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