Mary learnt to sew from her mother. When she was 6 years old, she would thread the needle and bobbin for her mum. Mary mainly does leatherworks - bags and wallets which she often gifts to friends and family on special occasions like birthdays.

I love saddle stitching my leather creations. I have always loved sewing by hand.

Mary spends anything from 5 to 25 hours sewing every week. She has a range of leathers in different colours and of varying softness to use when designing and creating her bags and wallets. Leather needles and waxed thread as well as patience are needed for her creations.

What does sewing mean to you?

Love it. It keeps my mind and hands busy. I love writing and sewing leather items.

Mary has a very spacious room with beautiful views and peaceful surroundings to create. You can find some of her beautiful products exhibited at art shows and they are also available for sale.


Christine rnaldi