Wage Gap Across The U.S By: Gus McGee

The Wage Gap across the U.S has been a problem since 1942 (according to www.infoplease.com) and people are shocked by it but has anyone really done anything about it? Women aren't being paid as much as men and the problem has started to rise. Women across america are being denied the right to be paid equally to men because men just keep ignoring the fact that they aren't getting paid the same. The Wage Gap is the space in between the amount of percent that a man makes over a women. The Wage Gap is that if a man over the age of 16 makes 10 dollars an hour then a women only makes 78.3% (according to www.infoplease.com) of that. The Gap is 21.7% and that's what the whole problem is because 21.7% could get you a good amount more of extra money.

A strategy could be that based off of how hard you work or how long you work should be the amount of money that you get payed. It shouldn't be based off of gender because it's not fair to think that men are more superior than women. Females could have a Sit-In, where they didn't do anything or go anywhere or eat anything until they were treated and paid equally because they believed that they were working harder than the men. The Peaceful Protest failed because they were getting made of by the men at their work. There idea of the protest was to worry people but the people were just making fun of them and that brought down their confidence and made them look like fools.

Hopefully over time, Us as a community and a whole can get better at treating women the same. In the future we look to try and close the Wage Gap. I'm not sure how long it will take but if women keep fighting for equal rights we will get there one day. According to the Huffington Post in 2015, they posted an article showing the statistics of how long it will take for each state's Wage Gap to Close. In the future we want to look at changing the way that people get jobs. Most jobs aren't Gender Specific but it's the ones that do require you to be male or female. We can look to change that by sending people to go out for a job that's Gender Specific and proving the company or store wrong. Overall in the future, the massachusetts Wage Gap is predicted to close in 2058 and the first Wage Gap hasn't occurred yet but when it does maybe it will spark flame to want people to make it change faster than its predicted.

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