Humpty Dumpty Eggs By The Genealogy Kids

Today Henry would like to share one of our family traditions with you … Humpty Dumpty Eggs. This tradition makes a very delicious and silly lunch.

1. Hard boil eggs.

2. Hold the cooked eggs in a towel (they’re hot).

3. Draw a face on the eggs.

4. Recite the “Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall …” nursery rhyme. When you say “… Humpty Dumpty had a great fall!” drop the egg on the ground.

5. Peel the egg and enjoy! We like eating Humpty Dumpty Eggs with a little salt and buttered toast.

The story behind the tradition: Henry’s great-great-grandma, Edna Violet Gulbrandsen Hansen, loved little children. She was always finding simple but creative ways to have fun with them. Many of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren remember making Humpty Dumpty Eggs with her. And now they’re making Humpty Dumpty Eggs with their kids!

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