Night by: elie wiesel


A teens struggle to survie the Auschwitz conctretion camp during WW2


  • Elie is dynamic and round, Moche the beatle


Sighet to a Jewish ghetto (still in Sighet), to a cattle car, then a series of concentration camps—first, Birkenau, then Auschwitz, then Buna, and last Buchenwald.

  • Auschwitz

Authur Quotes

"To forget the dead would be akin to killing them a second time." - Elie weisel


Nazis vs The Jews

  • Extenal conflict: Elie gets deported to Auschwitz

3 key scenes

Elie is home and homes suroundiing him are turned into ghetto's.

Elie is taken from his home by the hungarian police.

Elie and his entire ghetto arive in auschswitz and realilize there life will never be the same.

style and tone

His style is he just tells it as he saw it and how he thought about it. The tone was depressed, sad and he wanted to hold on to his old life as long as he could.


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