Technetium By Ava Cameron

Hello! Here is my presentation about the element technetium, which I have learned so much about elements and technetium. And I have really enjoyed this unit!

Basic facts:

Here are some basic facts I found about technetium:

  • 43rd element on the periodic table
  • It has an atomic mass of 98u
  • It is a transition metal
  • It is a rare element
  • It is a solid
  • Boiling point: 4535k
Who discovered it?
  • Created by Emilio segré and Carlo Perrier
  • Discovered in an Italian lab
  • Man made element
  • 1937
How is technetium used?

Technetium is used in about 90% of all diagnostics procedures that use radioactive elements. It is used by the help of a gamma camera, which picks up gamma rays in the process of gamma radiation.

Where is technetium found?
  • Can't be found on earth
  • Can be found in space!
  • Man made element, so it is made in labs
Here is the Bohr model for technetium

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