The Great Oceans By Will Scott

Seawater: Don't drink the seawater! but why...?

  • Seawater has a too high salinity so if you were to drink it, your kidneys would not be able to process all of the salt
  • Because of this salt level, drinking the salt eater would actually dehydrate you as the salt sucks up the moisture in your body

So why is the ocean so important to earth?

  • Lots of cities and towns by the ocean use the ocean for food and to clean with the water, but they don't drink it

How does ocean current affect weather?

Ocean currents act much like a conveyor belt, transporting warm water and precipitation from the equator toward the poles and cold water from the poles back to the tropics. Thus, currents regulate global climate, helping to counteract the uneven distribution of solar radiation reaching Earth's surface.

This video below explain all of the zones in the ocean

These diagrams explains the Pressure, Temperature, and depth of the ocean:

Resources we take from the ocean: what do we take?

We take a lot, examples are:

  1. oil
  2. food
  3. precious minerals
  4. Water (Which is then filtered)
  5. certain resources help us make medicine


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