Conners Corny vaCation Corners "Come and visit us At a journey through all oF Asias great vacation CiTes!"

Mount Everest being one of the coldest and the highest mountain in the world is one of the chilliest vacation spots. Though it's really cold there you can see a beautiful amount of mountain ranges also known as the Himalayas and many animals such as snow leapords, mountain goats, sheep, deer, and yaks! It is a hard travel here though, but 2 people have climbed it 21 different times. Can you?
Have you ever been on the roof of your house? Well that's nothing like being on the roof of the world the Plateu of Tibet! If you think so does your house have over 37,000 glaciers on it? This plateu doesn't just look amazing it is also provides water for almost half of Asia! Is your roof the highest plateu in the world? And is it surrounded by beautiful peaks? Maybe if your vacation roof is on this plateu!
This may not be Hawaii but it sure is a sandy vacation spot! It may not be a very appealing spot to you because of its nickname the "Sea of Death" but it does contain two fertile spots you could set camp on. And it also may be a little frightening considering Taklamakin means "you can get in but you can't get out" this may be ok if your an elephant. Well have fun in the largest desert in China.
This place isn't as bad as a desert because it's actually a cold desert! The reason it's such a cold desert is that it's under a rain shadow of the Himalayas. But it doesn't have that much water so I'd buy a pack or two of water bottles if your coming here. You won't have that hard of a time finding it either because it expands every day due to desertfacation. Have fun in this sandy safari!
Though this is a very green are it can also be a blue area due to flooding every two to three years. Therefore try to pick the right year for your vacation!
This is quite a beautiful river to look at and it supplies millions of people. Though it has scenery it has killed millions by its flooding. Therefore its nickname being the river of sorrows is quite fitting. Another fun fact you may enjoy while floating a stream is that it has changed course 26 times. Bet your fun will stream along here.
Straight from the Glacier of Jianggendiru this river is quite a sight. It's beautiful nature is surprising considering it was created over 30,000 years ago! It's also called the Chang yang in Chinease meaning long river which is quite fitting for this long river! This is also the oldest dam free river in the world which shows this river isn't looking for harm.
Located in the North East part of the Indian Ocen this vacation spot is big enough for all you friends and their friends being 8,500 feet deep. I'd probably buy a submarine if your staying here though because you could escape the constant tsunamis and see all of the wonderful nature life here. It's also like a huge city with the rivers leading into it being the roads.
You don't want to stay at a sea? Well don't be fooled by the name! This is actually a saltwater lake! Stay with old out with the new because this lake is actually 3 million years old and the lowest part on earth! It's not just any saltwater! This is actually one of the saltiest place on earth! Feel alive in this Dead Sea and have a vacation on the lowest point on earth!
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Made by: Conner Parker


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