School Uniforms vs. Normal Clothes: Which one is better? Ryan auger

School, it is one of the most important things in life, you need it to make a living. And one thing that is always debated in schools is school uniforms. School uniforms in public schools has been in debate since Bill Clinton said in his State of the Union Speech, “If it means teenager will stop killing each other over designer jackets, then our public schools should be able to require their students to wear school uniforms.” School uniforms are a better choice because they benefit the school, the kids, and the family.

For example, if schools had school uniforms it would help with the bullying problems in schools. People get bullied all the time for what they wear. Like in Canada when a teen wore a pink shirt on the first day of school, and he was made fun of that day. But it is not just students that recognize this teachers have also noticed this in their classrooms. Like Sheila Bell a teacher from Cumbria. She says that if the students’ clothes aren’t up to date, they will get left out and have a low self-esteem. This shows that if schools started to make uniforms mandatory then kids in the same situation as that teenager was, will be able to go to school without getting bullied. On the other hand, other people say that kids should be able to wear whatever they want so they can express themselves, but that would just be a recipe for a bullying disaster.

Also, school uniforms are a better option financially for families, and stop kids from wearing inappropriate clothes. On average, one school uniform cost about thirty-five to thirty-nine dollars. Which compared to prices of today's athletic clothing companies is very good. Today a pair of athletic pants is thirty-five dollars, and a shirt is twenty-five dollars, which is pretty expensive. Even though uniforms are cheaper than regular clothes, there are still people that say school uniforms are too expensive and shouldn’t be mandatory. But why pay thirty-five for a pair of pants when you can spend that same amount of money on a whole uniform. Included with regular clothes costing to much they also are not always appropriate for school. There are kids who think that they can wear anything they want without even thinking about it, but they do not notice or think if it will offend someone, be to revealing, or hurt their feelings. In today’s day and age there are all different types of clothing that could offend someone or be to revealing, though kids do not know sometimes what they should and shouldn’t wear. Kids these days are wearing shirts with inappropriate language on it. There are also kids who wear tank tops or spaghetti straps. These are just some of the many articles of clothing that should not be allowed in schools. Though there is a way to fix this issue in schools and that is to put school uniforms into effect. Still people might say just put a dress code in place, but dress codes are not enforced enough and you always have kids that will break the rules and still get away with it. With school uniforms if someone doesn’t have their uniform then they will be easy to spot them, so teachers will be able to tell them that they do not have their uniform and it should be worn at all times in school.

In addition, to school uniforms also being a cheaper option they also help provide a sense of identity in a school. When students all dress the same way it promotes the idea that they are all part of one group, and if they are all part of one group then they will be able to learn easier and faster, be more social with each other, and also be able to work together as a team better. It seems that kids say that they hate their uniforms, but it has been shown that kids take pride in them secretly. Some parents say that their kids would not like school school uniforms, but studies have shown that kids secretly enjoy having school uniforms.

In conclusion, wearing school uniforms is a choice that every school should start to make. School uniforms are the cheaper option, help with bullying, provide a sense of identity, and help prevent kids from wearing inappropriate clothes to school. Schools should start making school uniforms mandatory because it will help better education for everyone, everywhere in the world.



Am Safe

From bullies

Because of one thing

That one thing is my uniform

Those days are over

The days hiding in the dark

They still haunt me even though they are over

Days of getting bullied, over

Thanks to school uniforms

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