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Reflections from last week

The students worked very hard last week! We read through the first 6 chapters of Freak the Mighty in which we learned about the lives of the main characters, Max and Kevin. The students are able to relate to the story on a variety of levels already. They have heard how Max is judged based on his dad's mistakes, how Kevin is so mentally tough because he has so many physical challenges, and we've seen grandparents raising one boy while a single mom raises the other. We have begun looking at high-level analysis including the development and supporting evidence of multiple themes in a work of literature, the growth of dynamic characters, and how a character's perspective is shown through the author's words. This week, we will get all the way to chapter 20 and really dive into the development of the persona of Freak The Mighty!

Progress reports went home today! Overall, things are going very well. Please check-in with your student about last week's work (Recording Sheets for Chapters 1-6 of Freak the Mighty). Each assignment was worth 50 points. This was due today and many students weren't finished, so I extended the final deadline of Wednesday. Students who had all of their work completed and on-time will receive a point bonus!

Book Fair

The Scholastic Book Fair will run from September 9-13. On Monday, the Fair will be open from 12-4 and on Tuesday-Friday from 9-4. The Book Fair will NOT be open before school. Our classes will sign-up for times to visit, and students will be notified a day or two in advance of our visit.

Take a look at this year's bookfair! https://players.brightcove.net/1543299976/H1Qwx4TmM_default/index.html?playlistId=6062611122001

King Arthur & Freak the Mighty

The legends of King Arthur, the knights of the round table, the Lady of the Lake, and Camelot is a key element to Freak's story. Last week, we learned that Kevin loves Camelot because he wears leg and arm braces--which he see as his own brand of knightly armor. As we get farther into the story, the students will also study Arthurian legend and begin making connections between these texts from two very different eras.

At-Home Learning Discussion:

Take some time this week to talk and learn about the Legend of King Arthur. Share your own knowledge with your student, look it up on YouTube together, or, if you are feeling REALLY brave, pull the old cult flick Monty Python and the Holy Grail out for a viewing! (For musical theatre fans, this was made into one of my favorite musicals, Spamalot!).

Vocabulary Tests

We will NOT have a roots test this week. Instead of our weekly roots test, we will have a test over various forms of figurative language including similes, metaphors, hyperbole, allusion, alliteration, and onomatopoeia.


Mark Your Calendar!

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This is the classroom newsletter for Mrs. Katherine Haulter, 8th grade English teacher at Hazelwood Middle School, New Albany, Indiana, USA. Contact her at khaulter@nafcs.k12.in.us for more information.

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