Vocabulary Project By Jonathan velasquez

COMPENSATE-give someone something, typically money, in recognition of loss, suffering, or injury incurred; when the man got into a car accident the one who ran into him had to compensate.
CONCEIVE-To become pregnant or to form or devise a plan;after a few years in marriage the wife conceived.
DERIVE-To obtain something from;the football team had derived their name.
DIVERSITY-A range of different things;there is a diversity of colored pencils.
INHIBIT-To hinder, restrain, or prevent;before scoring the goal the soccer player inhibit the ball from the other player.
MODERATE-Average in amount, intensity, quality or degree;the test scores were pretty moderate.
SUPPLEMENT-Something that completes or enhances something;most people use supplements for working out or weight loss.
SURPASS-To exceed or be greater than; during the track meet the other school surpassed the other player and won.
TENTATIVE-Not certain or fixed;I was tentative on cutting my hair.
VERIFY-To make sure or demonstrate that something is true,accurate, or justified;For the judge to be sure he had to verify if the man was or wasn't guilty.

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