SofTap Comfort System

30 years ago SofTap founder Alexis Lawson decided to create a new style of hand tool - one that was pre-sterilized, packaged, and 100% disposable.

Before this time, hand method needles came in cartridge form to be placed into an autoclave handle that required disinfection and sterilization after every client; Alexis wanted a new process that was safer for her as an artist as well as her clientele, and so the SofTap Comfort System was born.

Choose from 13 different configurations to create natural brows, classic eyeliner, alluring lips & more

In-line, Straights

5 (single row, regular) - A great configuration for small details. 5's may be used for the tails and bulbs of small/thin eyebrows, adding wisps to hair strokes, or the very fine outlines of medium and thick eyeliner in the tail area

7 (single row, regular) - One of SofTap's most popular and versatile needles. It can be used for hair strokes or solid fills in thin eyebrows, (both top and bottom), thick eyeliner (outlines), or very thin lip lines

9 (single row, regular) - Very popular and very versatile; often used for thin eyeliner (both top & bottom), outlining thick eyeliner, outlining lips,and doing thinner eyebrows. The 9 can also be used to tap hair strokes

10 (single row, extra-fine) - Used for very fine, detailed work. Fine needle configurations have finer gauge needles in them, so they can be set closer together and create thinner, more solid lines than regular gauge needles. The 10 Fine is used for very defined, thin hair strokes in eyebrows, very thin eyeliner (both top & bottom), outlining thicker eyeliner (great for wispy tails), and very thin lip lines

12 (single row, regular) - The most popular configuration in the SofTap needle collection. 12 prong needles are commonly used for hair strokes and solid fills in eyebrows, thin eyeliner (top and bottom), and thin lip lines

24 (double row, extra-fine) - What we like to call a "workhorse needle;" applies gorgeous eyeliner, luscious thick lip liner, and dense eyebrows with ease. The 24 is a configuration that has two rows of needles, (a "double row" of 12 needles) that are set very close together for optimum color density

28 (double row, regular) - Consists of two rows of 14 needles set at regular intervals. This needles is great for applying medium eyeliner (top & bottom), thick eyeliner (top only), soft and solid fills in sparse eyebrows, and filling in lips


GenuLine 6f (extra-fine) - The Gen 6f is used for delicately etching individual hair strokes into eyebrows. This technique is sometimes referred to as microstroking, microblading, feathering, embroidery, or microetching; the 6f is the most flexible needle for this technique. It is great for super fine hair strokes on normal-delicate skin. Perform 1-3 strokes, with optional taps at the base of each hair, for gorgeous realistic hairs

GenuLine 6r (regular) - The Gen 6r is also used for gently applying a hair stroke look for brows. Professionals love the balance between hard and soft that this needle provides. Great for normal-thick skin. Can be used for microstroking, microblading, feathering, microetching, and tapped strokes.


8 (regular) - Great for eyelash enhancements. The 8 Round will give you a medium thickness area of color, so it's perfect for medium thickness top eyeliner applied between the lashes; can also be used for a thicker bottom lash enhancement

15 (regular) - This needle gives a spray of color and is perfect for medium lip liner (after outlining with a straight needle), scar camouflage, and soft fills in eyebrows

18 (extra-fine) - This configuration is used for eyelash enhancements and brows where thicker broken smudges are desire, and for beautiful feathery lip lines


7ss (regular, super smudger) - The best needle for applying light and smoky eyebrows or eyeliner. This Super Smudger has 7 needles, just like the 7 Straight, however these needles are set farther apart from each other to give a smoky, less defined look when applied.

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