Canbury School Newsletter 12th June 2020. issue 207

Dear Parents, Students and Staff

My goodness, we are now half way through this last half term of the academic year. It has been lovely for me to be able to speak with individual year groups each week during this period. They make me laugh and I feel so much happier for listening to their little stories and chats. What an adventure its been for all of us so far?

As a staff, we still meet weekly and Mrs Littler was presenting her Sixth Form Induction programme to us via Google Hangout. When I commented how impressed I was with her newly acquired IT skills, she replied that it was due to the determination and patience of Zac and Carl in Year 8, that she was now able to present on Hangout. And this is an example of what makes Canbury such a great school, everyone helping each other be it student and staff, or vice versa.

In our remote assembly this afternoon, I mentioned (whilst wearing a silly hat - my lockdown hair is getting to me) that the assessments next week are about us, the staff, checking the progress students have made during this very strange time. I don't want anyone stressing about their assessments - you have all been wonderful! We haven't dropped a beat with our teaching and learning this term and this will ensure all the students in a good position for the Autumn term when we are back in school.

I showed everyone our Year 7 welcome video because it makes me happy and it reminds us all of the great fun we are going to have next term. If you haven't seen it, do look on our Twitter feed @canbury_school or our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/canburyschool1

I showed everyone a second video clip, which showed how we are going to be able to teach and learn, face to face in the classroom and remotely, simultaneously from the Autumn term. We are installing fixed cameras in each classroom and the hall, to enable us to deliver the curriculum whether people are in school or at home due to isolation needs. I will be sending parents more detailed information and a demo of the cameras during the summer holidays.

This is just another exciting new development for Canbury and will still benefit the School long after COVID19 is but a distant memory.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy



Students of the week

Year 7

Year 7 have been fantastic this week on their revision for science. They have learnt many different revision methods and I have been very impressed with their application this week.

Ollie for achieving the “Cucumber of Consistency” Trophy on Dr Frost Maths this week.

Angus, Freddie, Thomas, Chloe, Layla, Olivia and Evia for their focus and effort in Mathematics.

Year 7 Geographers for their excellent understanding of Tourism.

Evia for consistently working hard and giving thoughtful answers in PSHE,

Evia for great work in both art and graphics. Karim for effort and perseverance with a tricky task and Angus for his enthusiasm and great use of water colours. Not forgetting Chloe who has attended every lunchtime art club where she has been producing great things.

Drama Star of the week = Angus for bold characterisation as Chief Weasel

Year 8

Zac for achieving over 700 points on Dr Frost Maths this week.

Ross, Carl, Adam, Flora, Connor, Anders and Zacs for their excellent participation in Mathematics this week.

Adam, Flora, Connor and Carl for a great Graphics lesson, listening well to instructions and independently completing tasks, great work you four!

All of Year 8 for their amazing work in Science, with a special mention to Anders for being so helpful to others.

Carl for amazing knowledge on the elements of art - First place in both quizzes today, well done. Also well done to Peter for a great start on his analysis work that he did with Mrs Knivett today.

Great participation from all Spanish students this week

Drama Star of the week - Anders for being helpful to his peers.

Year 9

Year 9 for their hard work and determination in studying towards their science exams next week.

Harry A, Larry and Shaaiyon for their reflections on the science of friendship.

Lauren, Alannah, Otti, Harry and Matthew for their determination to do well on the Maths revision activities this week.

Wonderful work this week on revision in preparation for our Spanish exams next week. Thank you Matthew for the accents.

Drama Stars of the week = Ain and Jack for excellent team work as Director and Sound Designer.

Year 10

All of year 10 for being the top year group and answering over 600 GCSE exam style questions on Dr Frost Maths this week. Well done!

All of year 10 Business for working hard on preparation for the upcoming exams.

Louis for his quiet determination this week.

All of year 10 Art GCSE students for great effort and work mastering their new digital art skills to create their Kew Garden posters and Surrealist compositions. Special well done to Alex for demonstrating his new found skills with the class and to Armani for producing and sharing the additional work she has been creating outside of class too.

Well done Harry, Seb and Armani for your participation in Spanish this week

Performing Arts - Thanks to our Drama prefect for organising the “Into the Woods” script after Mr B’s epic IT fail!!!

Year 11

Matthew and Alexander and Emily for fantastic work on their respective science projects, your hard work does not go unnoticed.

Emily for her positive approach and determination to find the general terms for quadratic sequences.

Amy's artwork as part of her isolation diary project. Mrs Smith writes: "Her Frida Khalo response is fantastic!"

Frida Khalo inspired artwork
Isolation inspired artwork

Year 12

Felix on writing a fantastic BTEC Business ‘Lockdown Unit’ on Developing a Business Idea, creating his own Dog Walking business from scratch ‘Paws Inn’.

Eugenia for her amazing preparatory work for her Yayoi Kusama inspired installation (that will go on display in Kingston Library) - watch this space.

Eugenia writes: ‘This is my own piece of work inspired by artist Yayoi Kusama who uses lots of dots and circles that are bright and colourful. What I’ve created is a box installation inspired by Kusama's “infinity rooms” with fruit inside painted in black, titanium white, navy blue and orchid yellow. I chose to paint dots on fruit as I wanted to recreate something that is “out of the blue” and eccentric which Yayoi Kusama gets across in her artwork as well as being inspired by one of her installations called “Obliteration Room” which has a dining room and sofa which has over time turned into an explosion of colours with dotted stickers’.

Incredible talent.

"Clancy's Citchen Cheesecake Crazy Cookery Club"

This week Ms Clancy and her culinary team of Matthew A, Lucas, Ottie and new visitor to Canbury - Orlanda, made a No Bake Strawberry Cheesecake. It was hugely successful as you can see from the photos. There was enough for everyone in school and at home. Reviews from family members all agreed that they were delicious!

Our next Cooking Club session will be held on Thursday 25th June 2 - 3pm. The recipe will be issued next week.

Lucas', Ms Clancy's (she made two), Matthew's and Otti's Cheesecakes.
Otti's Mormor enjoying her grandaughter's cheesecake.

Snappers and Runners

We seem to have a lot of staff who enjoying running. Ms O'Neill our Consultant Bursar, stopped to take this snap of these pretty daisies as she was out on her daily run this week. Summer is just around the corner . . .

Daisy, Daisy. Give me your answer do . . .