Online Retreat in Everyday Life A guide for Seminars graduates continuing their pilgrimage Beyond Rome.


The Jesuit Schools Network has partnered with the Collaborative Ministries Department of Creighton University to provide a means of engaging in the Spiritual Exercises. The complete 34-week contents of this experience are provided by the Collaborative Ministries Department; the JSN's role is to communicate and broker the experience for Seminars graduates. Among the benefits of this experience of the Exercises are that it allows exercitants:

  • continuance in their pilgrimage in Ignatian spirituality
  • an opportunity to reconnect with companions from their Seminars cohort
  • flexibility within their daily life

Making the Spiritual Exercises can be a deeply enriching personal experience, and often times such individual enrichment is amplified through the capacity to share with others the internal movements of the spirit. Such is the rationale for our partnership with Creighton University.


Here are some simple steps to prepare yourself for and participate in this retreat experience. The retreat can be started at any point, but the experience of it lines up optimally with the Church calendar if it is started in mid-September. There is no cost for participating in the retreat. The JSN will provide a "nudge" in September to assist Seminars graduates with the onboarding to this opportunity.

  1. Read the How Do I Get Started Guide within the retreat web site. A complete set of Retreat Resources is available below, in the next section of this guide.
  2. Determine if you wish to engage in the retreat individually or with companions from the Seminars.
  3. Contact Tom Noonan, the Director of Ignatian Mission Formation at the JSN, if you would like to participate in group video-conference sharing sessions during intervals along the retreat.

Retreat Resources

The online retreat resources are extensive within the Creighton web site. The following "dashboard" is provided to help acclimate the participant to them.

Top Level Resources

  1. The retreat home page (this is best viewed on a computer)
  2. An invitation to the retreat
  3. How To Get Started
  4. Audio recordings of the weekly content

Weekly Resources

  1. Week 1: Let's Begin at the Beginning: Our Life Story - Web Version | PDF
  2. Week 2: Our Story: Exploring Its Depth - Web Version | PDF
  3. Week 3: Perspective - A Picture of Harmony - Web Version | PDF
  4. Week 4: A Picture of Harmony - Living in Balance - Web Version | PDF
  5. Week 5: The Disorder of Sin - Appalling Rebellion - Web Version | PDF
  6. Week 6: The Disorder of Sin - Personal Rebellion - Web Version | PDF
  7. Week 7: The Disorder of Sin -Personal Patterns - Web Version | PDF
  8. Week 8: God's Love for us - Forgiving Mercy - Web Version | PDF
  9. Week 9: God's Love for us - Healing Mercy - Web Version | PDF