The Indus River By kate

Welcome to the Indus River Valley

Quit the fuss come to Indus

The Indus River starts in the Himalayan Mountains and empties out into the Arabian Sea. It is Northeast from the Hindu Kush Mountains.

The Indus River Valley is a place full of colorful plants and a beautiful terrain.The river provides fresh,clean water for everyone. This river helps people with trade and transportation with other communities.There are so many places to explore and discover. The people are friendly and know how to use their resources wisely. If you don't have a lot of money, that is fine because both the rich and poor people have a house. Most of the houses are in rows or look very similar. They have flat roofs for the children to play board games,marbles, dice games and play with other kids up there. The only difference between the house was that the more wealthy people had nice,big courtyards. Although you might have to do chores, studies, and jobs, it is not always work. There is always free time. In the Indians free time, they sometimes make jewelry, play games, or just hang out.

Looking for a place to move? The Indus River is your best bet. With its beautiful landscape and colorful terrain, this is the place you want to be. You will find yourself having an enjoyable time exploring all the pretty nature and it's surroundings.

I bet you are wondering how to get food. Plant the crops on your own! The Indus River carries silt from the Himalayan Mountains and leaves rich, fertile soil behind, perfect for planting food. That way you can have easy access to the food of your choice.

Are you worried about fresh water? No need to worry because glaciers in the Himalayan Mountains melt and run into the river providing a fresh source of water for the people. That way you are sure to be healthy and stay clean.

The Indus River has great weather. The Indus River is hot and dry in the summer and when the Monsoon season comes, it is wet and cool and the water is plentiful because of all the flood. You get both hot and cold weather.

Thankfully, the Indus River has a efficient sewer system. That way you can go to the bathroom without having to do it in a outhouse. This sewer system doesn't flow into the river so that way the river stays clean and fresh with good water.

With all these reasons, you know you want to move to the Indus River Valley India.

Quit the fuss, come to Indus!


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