Cutting Edge A presentation on "The Sword of Shannara" by Lianna Youngman

Although this book is fairly serious and dramatic, reading between the lines can lead to some ironic humor

The drawing of an alternate cover here was to attempt to capture the tone and feeling of the book through the lettering and background.

The setting of this novel is an intricate and well-woven world, with a quality and style similar to Tolkien.

As the last living descendant capable of channeling the power of the Sword, and by extension the last person in the world capable of defeating Brona, Shea quickly became the most wanted man in history.

The prose of the novel has a very lyrical and poetical quality, as well as a lilting syntax, similar to haiku at times.

Charge forth, and seize the day! Always look to the stars, and be humbled in their glory. Life cannot change itself to suit you, Shea, but you have the power to be spirited despite it. Therefore, Charge Forth! -Allanon.

Created By
Lianna Youngman


Created with images by Albion Europe ApS - "Albion Europe Photo Contest 2012 High res" • notfrancois - "Sword"

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