Building in the future ON earth

The worst case in the future is that if there is a war about having water and Petral,or haveing a nuclear war

This is what will happen to are world if we dont be careful.

Nukes is the most deadliest weapon in the world, in the future there will be nukes 100 times more powerful.there will even a nuke so powerful it would destroy our own world.

We will all be firstly and there will be no more oil,there will be a very low amount of population on earth after a nuclear war because of pollution our wolrld will become trash.So we need to care for the world as much as we care for family.

The best case would be that people would live in a house that is surrounded by grass

This would be the best for us because then we could remake our world and make the next generations see the beautiful world that we see today,Then would expand without polluted things and use electric so we wont harm our earth.

This is what our world should be everywhere in the future.

The most probable thing that will happen to our world would be polluted everywhere factories smoke everywhere.People would have trouble breathing.

This is what will happen to our world

We must be cautious what we will do to our earth we have a beautiful earth lets take care of it so it doesn't get poluted.The earth is doing its job for giving us homes we need to make sure that were doing our jobs for earth too.

These will be all our nations in the future that will be gone if we dont take care of it.NORTH KOREA. ...


CHINA. ...

IRAQ. ...

LIBYA. ...





My house will look like it is under a tunnel and plenty of grass around it and its made out of stone it will be a big place but it is very healthy and stone buildings last for a couple of 100 of years so it would stay for a long time and it would get protected from a nuke so the house wouldn't break but if there is a nuke you would need a radiation suit and shower,there would be solar panels so the underground house would get power and there would be a hydroelectrics underground connected to your house so you can grow food and plants for oxygen,There would be a water filter so you could have water.

In my mind map it shows how's my house will be constructed and what will happen in the future in the world so how will the house survive.

The results of my survey are, for the question 1 it is 33.3% for country side,city 33.3 and other is 33.3.

The results for my second question are,bullet proof glass 66.7, for concreate is 33.3

All images are from spark page except the name Arthur.

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