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The area of PERSIA that the Qin dynasty excelled in most was intellectual. They created many outstanding monuments that seemed to be impossible to build at the time. Some examples are the Great Wall, which was started by the Qin. Also, the 8,000 terra cotta warriors that were created to protect Shi Huangdi's tomb was an exceptional achievement.

Poltics was the area that the Qin excelled in after intellectual achievements. Their political structure may not be something that people today would agree with, but they were very set on having it that way. Legalism was at its peak, as I stated before, and they were very strict about it. They had firm and strong beliefs. This can be seen because they really went along with the rules of legalism. If someone broke a rule, they WILL be punished.

One final area that the Qin had something going for them in was economics. It was based around agriculture but they were also ready to fight if needed. This allowed the ruler, Shi Huangdi, to get as much wealth and power as possible without looking like he's doing it. While this may seem like it's wrong, which it is, the fact that the people are neglected is more of a social issue, because all the power that it grants to the people at the top is graet. Unfortunately, Shi Huangdi was a very greedy ruler, so he used the wealth to increase his own power rather than that of the state.

A weaker area for the Qin was their social structure. Almost everyone was poor, and there were only a select few at the top. The Qin were ruthless, and wanted things to happen with the most efficiency possible. For example, if you died while building The Great Wall, which happened to thousands of people, you would just be thrown in with the sand used to keep the wall up. The only burial you got was the structure you died working on.

Arts weren't really a strong point for the Qin. The only thing that was art related that hear about is the terra cotta warriors, which can definitely be classified as an intellectual or artistic achievement. But other than that, they had nothing art based, because the ruler didn't allow literature, thus destroying one region of art.

The area that they least excelled in was religion. You wouldn't know what religion the Qin followed without having to look it up. The only thing that you could say about their religion is that legalism was thriving, but that is less of a point about religion than it is politics. Furthermore, as stated earlier, the Qin hid the books from the people, so there wasn't really much for us to look at.


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