I came up with Flower Flour because my Grandma is really good at baking and can help me bake. I also want to help charities and the less fortunate.

My entire family is my inspiration because they don’t work for anyone , they are their own bosses.The less fortunate make me want to help them because I wanna help make a difference.

My parents raised me to be loving & respectful. I try to better myself everyday as a person.

I love having fun & volunteering. I go to church every week. My main focus right now is : school, family, and living life.

Anyone & everyone would be very appreciated if they took a shot in Flower Flour. People may love our treats and love helping out.

We will work day in day out , 24/7 whatever it takes to satisfy our customers. All profits goes to charity.

Flower Flour’s mission is to help the less fortunate and to give one something they can enjoy. Help all.

Our company strives to do our best and take absolutely none of the profit. We want everyone to smile and be happy. Just give us a shot!

I will spend as much money needed in order to make the treats. The prices may vary from $1.00-5.00

All proceeds will go to charity. I am about giving back.

Hi , my name is Vincent Chiem and I am a 13 year old student at Crews Middle School. I have started a new business called Flower Flour. If you invest in Flower Flour , you can be a helping hand or a flower to someone because you buy a baked good that tastes great and the profits all go to charity. It’s a win-win thing! Flower Flour proceeds all go to charity. Anyone and everyone would be much appreciated to be our customer. So contact us for a great treat while you help the less fortunate. Give Flower Flour a chance.


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