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This weeks issue is a little more tech than youth services. Enjoy.

Winter Reading Programs : Game On at the Library!

A blog post you might have missed.

Data Privacy Day

January 28th was Data Privacy Day--Some of us haven't given up on everything yet.

Duck Duck Go a privacy conscious search engine did an AMA over the weekend: https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/7tnnv9/its_data_privacy_day_2018_im_the_founder_ceo_of/

There are some interesting question and answers in the AMA. These are a few of my favorite:

  1. What thing on the web is something everyone considers “Safe” but is not actually safe?

Oh man, these are large pet peeves of mine :)

  • So-called incognito mode doesn't do what most people think in that “Incognito” mode doesn't really make you incognito! It’s an extremely misleading name and in my opinion should be changed. All it does is delete your local browsing history after your session on your device, but does nothing from stopping any website you visit from tracking you via your IP address and other tracking mechanisms like browser fingerprinting. We did a study showing how much people misunderstand private browsing modes.
  • Browser "do not track" settings. You'd think if you turned on do not track, you might not be tracked? Not so. It is a voluntary standard and hardly any site does anything to adhere to it, including pretty much all of Big Tech. In my opinion it should be completely removed from browsers until it has mandatory compliance with regulatory teeth behind it.
  • For me it's email. Nearly all email is unencrypted and therefore visible to your ISP or anyone on your local network, such as when you're in a cafe, hotel or airport. Unfortunately encrypting email is not easy (although there are some services offering it built-in such as ProtonMail), and it also requires that the receiver supports it too. Better to use encrypted messaging services such as Signal.

2. Do you use the verb "Google" in conversation?

  • I personally don't, though I don't get offended when people do. It has become a generic term like Kleenex at this point.
  • It's been a fairly common thing for a while. My wife and I have been trying to use "Duck It" for a while now. We're getting there slowly. :)

Spread Privacy:


If you are looking for ways to help patrons secure their devices, this is helpful:


It goes through each operating system and type of device and gives visuals on how to disable tracking, message sharing, and other things that go bump in the night.

Google Portrait

Caravaggio's Medusa

Anyone else having fun with google's new app Arts and Culture? Through the app you take a selfie and the app will do some behind the scenes stuff and find historical portraits and find some that match your profile. I attempted to persuade the app that my portrait might be Caravaggio's Medusa... As you can see the results can vary.

If you do any programs that involve this app I'd love to hear about them.


Acknowledging the Elephant in the Room: Making Implicit Biases Explicit

If you missed last weeks YALSA webinar. Here it is.

The Whopper Teaches Net Neutrality

I've come back again with more ads--sorry.


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