A Beautiful Moment From our hygge night

Recently we posted about Hygge can create beautiful moments between friends and family. But sometimes the invisible forces in life can intervene and moments like this can happen between strangers...

Our last Hygge Night involved an activity where we asked our fellow Hyggespreders to pen a letter. It could be sent to anyone, or not sent at all, but it was an opportunity to express thoughts and feelings that maybe have been sitting for a while.

Oliver's Story

Oliver’s is named after our son who unfortunately didn’t make it to be here today. His legacy lives on through our warm and cosy little place. His brothers’– Oscar and Will – know all about why Mum and Dad have Oliver’s and they relate to their brother’s memory through coming in and spending time with their Mum. - Lisa Bridge, Owner.

With this in mind, you can see why the following letter, written by an attendee at our Hygge Night, was possibly the most beautiful thing we could have received

(names and dates changed for anonymity)

Dear Lisa, I would like to start by saying thank you for putting on this Hygge Night - it's something I have been interested in since read 'A Year Living Danishly' by Helen Russell - great read! Now for the deep stuff... I read your story online about the loss of your son and the start of Oliver's. After reading this, my husband and I were compelled to visit. In April 2015, we got married. When we came home from our honeymoon, we discovered we were pregnant - something we had been told would not be possible. We were thrilled to find out. In the pregnancy I went into premature labour and she was born at just 24 weeks. As you can imagine, she was tiny. She weighed just 1lb 9oz. The doctors and midwives did everything they could, but her lungs were just not developed enough. I had 2 amazing hours of her being alive and warm before she passed away in my arms. I have been struggling. Ultimately, I want to tell you the level of comfort and security I feel from visiting Oliver's. Whilst you did not know my story until now - I always felt safe and understood at Oliver's - even when I was just grabbing a coffee - so thank you! Thanks for being so open about your story.

Cue the tissues.

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