Mix & Match WRITING my own STORY

My mom will tell you that I always had a serious look on my face.

Home, family, origin...these seem like knowable subjects for many. I have heard all my stories and have chosen to write my own.

  • My mother says she's Hispanic
  • My father says he is Black
  • My grandfather refers to his tribe
  • Maybe someday I'll get a DNA test

Based upon the way I look and my spirtiual beliefs, I just tell people I'm of Haitian roots.

  • I've lived with my parents
  • I've lived with my grandparents
  • I've lived in group homes
  • I've lived with foster families
  • I've been homeless

Home is having the same address for awhile.

  • Wing Chun martial arts taught me discipline
  • Gaming (just switched to Xbox) keeps me relaxed
  • Studying the history of the Black Panthers keeps me wondering

Not sure what this combination says about me.

Basically...I tell people where I want to go rather than where I've been.

That is my American Story.

If you want to hear more, listen to episode #5 of the 70 Million podcast at https://70millionpod.com/episodes/


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