A Worn World Workshop - Open atelier - clubnight

A Worn World is a new artwork by deufert&plischke. There are two spaces: a communal atelier and a club. Designers and dancers invite people to work with them: to design and make clothes, to explore the somatic dimension of clothes, their memories and histories, to dance.

Clothes can produce memories and emotions like fear, shame and sometimes simply pleasure. So they have a distinct relation to the self: they carry spores of desire, appear in phantasies, remind us their former wearers, and mark social relation. Wearing clothes the personal and imaginary meets the symbolic and the social.

setting up the space ...

Making clothes ...

With A WORN WORLD deufert&plischke open up their atelier and welcome everybody that wants to join them to set out for a knitting adventure: offering a safe space for everybody, whatever age, gender, origin they will be mixing artistic work sessions, somatic explorations, film screenings, discussions and individual inquiries.

Next to the Atelier there is a club with DJ, so the clothes that were produced in the atelier can immediately be worn dancing!

A WORN WORLD is neither workshop nor performance, but understands itself as an independent, yet ever fermenting artwork by engaging with the vibrant nature of clothes, tuning into their sensorial specificities, exploring gender prescriptions, collecting memory associations, investigating the politics of their fabrication, inventing ways that they can augment our bodily faculties.

The first "A Worn World" happened in Kuopio, Finland for the ANTI Festival. It was organised by Savonia University of Applied Sciences Kuopio in the framework of the Future DiverCities project, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. Supported by Goethe-Institut Finnland and German Federal Foreign Office.