A Worn World Workshop - Open atelier - clubnight

A Worn World is opening in October 2020 for the ANTI Festival in Kuopio / Finland.

Clothes can produce memories and emotions like fear, shame and sometimes simply pleasure. So they have a distinct relation to the self: they carry spores of desire, appear in phantasies, remind us their former wearers, and mark social relation. Wearing clothes the personal and imaginary meets the symbolic and the social.

With A WORN WORLD deufert&plischke open up their atelier and welcome everybody that wants to join them to set out for a knitting adventure: offering a safe space for everybody, whatever age, gender, origin they will be mixing artistic work sessions, somatic explorations, film screenings, discussions and individual inquiries. A parade and a club-night will reach out at the end of the two week project … everybody wearing something special, something personal for the occasion.

The collection of clothes and stories that is fabricated and collected in each atelier will travel to other places to gradually build a shed of relations, bodies, memories ... haunted by all the personal ghosts that reside within the knits and purls, within the holes of the stored fabrics and stories.

A WORN WORLD is neither workshop nor performance, but understands itself as an independent, yet ever fermenting artwork by engaging with the vibrant nature of clothes, tuning into their sensorial specificities, exploring gender prescriptions, collecting memory associations, investigating the politics of their fabrication, inventing ways that they can augment our bodily faculties.

This traveling artwork will grow on stories about fear, shame, pleasure, ex-or inclusion, the potential that clothes contain for the making and marking of movement, for the presence of a person, and how shifts in presence can be provoked and acknowledged.

For A WORN WORLD people are invited to dance, move, sew and test different articles of clothing/ objects/ materials, discuss somatic experiences ... transform. Work will happen in teams but there is always also the space to plunge into individual universes.

Each collaborator will hold a place in the artwork. Each process is documented and shared in mutually agreed forms.